If I had to pick one phrase to describe this elopement it would be "relaxed glamor." Kelsey and Ian knew they didn't want the big, traditional wedding, but they still wanted a luxe experience. Luckily, eloping means you can craft your day to be exactly what you want it to be. Dramatic scenery? Check. Designer clothes? Check. Stress from worrying about guests and vendors and timelines? Nope!

Kelsey and Ian rolled into the parking lot at sunrise in the coolest retro camper van. I highly recommend renting vans like this for adventure elopements because they're roomy enough to get ready in (especially with a voluminous dress), they're so fun for portraits, and you have your accommodations for the night all in one rental.

Kelsey already had her makeup done by Lexie B Beauty. They each changed into their wedding clothes and prepared for a first look. Peep their sweet embrace in the photos below! Kelsey was wearing a stunner of a dress by Miranda Bell-Whitney. Styling was done by Hotzel Photography. Ian helped lace up her hiking boots, and we were off.

Just a short hike away was a glassy, undisturbed lake with no one around (early morning ceremonies for the win!). Kelsey swapped the boots for heels, they grabbed their vow books and flowers (by Kylie Hale Designs) and stood by the water's edge to take it all in. When they were ready, they read their vows, exchanged rings (by Olivia Mar), and sealed it with a kiss. Their smiles say it all!

We took some portraits around the lake, in the forest, and then continued hiking to a nearby waterfall. Again, no one was there!! Waking up early really pays off. Kelsey and Ian enjoyed some food and relaxed watching the flowing water. We took some more (gorgeous) portraits and got a little editorial with it! These are really some of the most beautiful photographs I've ever taken.

Eventually we hiked back out to the parking lot and took some fun shots with the camper van before they drove off into their happily ever after. It was their ideal day: just the two of them enjoying nature, and celebrating in style. Congratulations, Kelsey and Ian!