Spencer and Alma are avid adventurers. In their down time they're hiking, backpacking, car camping, and generally finding any excuse to get outdoors. So when the time came to plan a wedding, a romantic elopement in the mountains of Washington was the obvious choice.

That morning, Alma woke up at 4:00 AM to get her hair done at their Air BnB by Maria with Elle Marie Hair Studio. On-site hair and makeup services like this are a lifesaver for adventure elopements because you KNOW a regular salon is not open at 4:00 AM... and if they are, what a nightmare to add that commute to an already early wake-up.

We arrived at the trailhead before sunrise and began the 2.5 mile ascent. They hiked with their wedding finery safely tucked away in their backpacks. They enlisted Gabriela from Hotzel Photography for styling, so every detail was perfect. Alma's stunning bouquet (by Kylie Hale Designs) and the adorable wooden signs (by Hardwood and Home) were the cherries on top.

Weather can be unpredictable in the PNW so we crossed our fingers for at least SOME visibility. Luckily, once we arrived at the overlook, we were greeted by a beautiful valley of evergreens, a lake, and the perfect amount of receding mist. It created a gloriously moody and peaceful vibe. Plus, there were hardly any people there so early in the morning (the number one reason for I recommend a sunrise elopement!).

Alma and Spencer took in the views, and excitedly got changed. Who needs a bridal suite when you have a forest all to yourselves? Spencer even zipped up Alma's dress (from Dalliance Alaska) in a really sweet, romantic moment. It was another reminder that you don't need to stick to tradition to have a meaningful and impactful day. Then, with some last minute touch-ups, it was ceremony time.

The two took their time soaking each other in. Slowly they made their way down to the edge of the overlook, exchanged rings, and said their private vows. Their facial expressions say it all. I was grinning like a mad woman behind the camera struggling not to make any sounds (I settled for screaming OMG in my head). And just like that they were married in the sweetest, most honest way.

After some portraits and snacks, we hiked back down. This time they hiked in their wedding finery and it made for the best photos that encapsulate all the awesome, weird juxtapositions of a hiking elopement. Other hikers were congratulating them all the way down. And of course we had to get some epic shots with the Jeep they rented for the occasion. They rode off into their new married life in style.

On their questionnaire, when asked if they considered themselves adventurous, they said "We do consider ourselves adventurous. But the greatest adventure truly just feels like this life. Navigating building a healthy relationship, raising a child, prioritizing ourselves, getting outdoors, living through a pandemic. It all really feels like an adventure."

Well, if that isn't the whole point right there... Congratulations to Alma and Spencer!