"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

This story is PEAK romance. Cassandra and Seth had a deep connection to the movie and decided to let it be the inspiration for their Washington elopement. And after seeing their real-life love blossom in front of my eyes... Lizzie Bennet and Darcy could never.

Choosing a theme for your wedding or elopement may seem unconventional, but here's why I love it: a theme gives you DIRECTION. If you're overwhelmed by all of the choices you have to make to plan an elopement or a more traditional wedding, a theme gives you a guiding light. All they had to ask was: WWJAD (What Would Jane Austen Do)? The result was a simple, elegant, romantic day that felt true to them.

The night before their elopement they chose to do a movie night pre-wedding session!! Not sure what a pre-wedding session is or why you'd want one? Check out this post to learn more.

They hired Tentation Picnics to create the perfect outdoor movie night set-up in the backyard of the AirBnB they rented for the weekend (I recommend getting permission from AirBnb hosts first).

On the day of their elopement the two decided to keep it slow and peaceful. They read together by the swiftly flowing Yakima River that ran right through the property. Eventually they parted ways to write their vows separately. I love the idea of writing vows day-of... there is less pressure to create the perfectly crafted declaration of love, and instead focuses on capturing a snapshot of your true thoughts and emotions on the actual day... which will be so fun to re-read years later.

The day was styled by Hotzel Photography. Red Clay Paper Co. created their gorgeous invitations. Cassandra's hair was done by Marjabelle of Elle Marie Hair Studio, her makeup done by Ericka. Her dress was purchased through Etsy; it's a replica of an Elizabeth Bennet dress from the movie! Cassandra and Seth like to get dressed up in costumes for the fun of it, so this was such a sweet "them" thing to do.

While they were getting ready, the team from Kylie Hale Designs was setting up florals to create a stunning ceremony space. When it was time for them to come together and read their vows, there wasn't a dry eye to be seen.

After they were officially married (!!!) we took some absolutely unreal portraits among the flowers. Eventually they laid down in the hammock together to just soak in their new, amazing reality. It underscored that your wedding day does not have to be tornado of activity that goes by in a blink. You can take time to revel in it!

Once the sun set we broke out the lanterns and had a ton of fun experimenting and creating art. It was the perfect end to a creative, unique elopement.

If you're ready to start crafting your day, reach out to me here. I can't wait to help bring your vision to life.